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About Me

I was born and raised in western Pennsylvania. Currently, I live in Alaska with my wife, Lisa, in a small village on the Bering Sea.

I work as a software developer and have a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Gannon University.

My hobbies include reading, hiking, and cooking. Most recently, I finished Frankenstein and Moby Dick.

If you are here inquiring about my professional services (or just otherwise curious), below is my contact info. Also, to left is a link of a live code sample.

Further down the page is a download link for AudiogramMaker, if you happen to be an audiologist, ENT, student, or friend looking for it.


Send me a note.

jacob [dot] haskins [at] gmail [dot] com


Check it out!

Download: AudiogramMaker

An audiologic charting utility. Produces audiogram images for use in reports, presentations, and/or web sites. AudiogramMaker requires Java to run and will attempt to install it during setup. If you would like the extreme latest version of Java, you can get the Java Runtime Environment at (P. S. I built this for my wife.:)

To use AudiogramMaker, draw your audio on the screen and then go to the Audiogram menu and choose "Copy Image to the Clipboard" to copy the audio as an image. Then paste it into Word, Powerpoint, or whereever else you desire.

Please note, this beta will stop working after January 31, 2012.

AudiogramMaker screenshot.
AudiogramMaker screenshot.